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Provision of the full secretariat function

Associations exist for the benefit of their members. Efficient routine membership administration and subscription processing is fundamental to effective association activity and to how an association is perceived by its members and regular contacts.

  • Process new applications, issuing electronic or paper welcome letters, web site passwords, starter packs and other information as appropriate
  • Continuously update databases and distribution lists with new additions, amendments and resignations
  • Send out subscription reminders and invoices and organise on-line credit card payments through your website
  • Arrange for printing, ordering and storing of membership stationery
  • We will work with you to develop and co-ordinate communications to members. This could include printed newsletters, email bulletins, website updates or personal phone calls
  • Deal with members' queries over the phone or by e-mail

Organisations we work with can avoid time-consuming hurdles and save themselves many hours by outsourcing either specific elements of their administration, or their whole operation to us.